Starting Over. (Danielle) Scenes that would have occurred later in.




Helen Morgendorffer sighed as she became lost in the stumbling nervous speech of the young girl. : She certainly knows what she's doing but she isn't very good at teaching it. : Jake just look confused while Quinn was taking notes as she lounged on the couch, getting more and more frustrated as the dark haired student made them wait through another long pause. Quinn knew she wasn't going to be able to avoid what was causing some of the problem. It wasn't an unexpected or any unwelcome issue but like most things, she had come to discover, it came at the worst time possible.


"After you clean the area around the stitches, remembering to dab not rub. ... ." The nursing student that the hospital sent over to help with Daria's physical therapy and recovery tried to explain before getting lost in what she was doing.  Quinn groaned causing her to blush furiously.  "Quinn." Helen said warningly. The olive skinned girl struggled to regain her place in the lesson. "Um."


"Why don't we take a break." Helen said with a sigh. Jake jumped up and head toward the kitchen. "I need a drink." He said as he passed Helen. The move hadn't been easy on anyone and even the fact it was most likely temporary wasn't helping.


Danielle turned back to the table and started straightening out the supplies she was demonstrating. She heard someone walk up behind her and waited for the speech. : I wonder which one I'll get. The ‘we have concerns about entrusting our injured daughter to you’ or the ‘stay away from our other daughter’. : She thought sadly. "Hi." Was all that was said from the person who moved next to her.  Danielle turned and instead of one of the parents, she saw the red head standing next to her with a serious expression. : Here it goes. :


"Can we talk?" The musical voice said nicely.


Danielle sighed. "I'm sorry about being so spacey today. I'm just distracted." : Ouch, that's a little to accurate. : She thought after speaking.


"I've noticed. Look I'm really worried about my sister and I need to know how to take care of her so lets get it out in the open, ok." Quinn said moving closer so she could lower her voice.


Danielle blushed brightly. "Look ... ."  Quinn interrupted her by holding out her hand. "I'm Quinn, everyone calls me ... Quinn." : That sounded a lot better in my head. :


"Danielle but a lot of people called me Danni." Danielle said not sure what to make of this conversation.


"I turn eighteen in six weeks but I do date older people, within reason, I'm not involved with anyone at the moment. I do date girls as well as boys and I would love to get together sometime when things calm down after we get settled in. I am not sexually active and don't plan on being until I find someone and fall in love with them. I think you are very attractive but right now Daria is my primary concern." Quinn said with a half smile.


Danielle blinked twice and shook her head amused. "Ok."


"I am serious about us getting together for a date or something but I've been pretty busy since we moved here."


"I guess I wasn't being very subtle." Danielle blushed but only slightly this time. "It's just been a while since I met someone new that I found attractive."


"Same here, so what do I do after finishing cleaning around her stitches?"


"Then you'll need to put some of the cream down. You should use your finger, not any kind of cloth because it will snag and pull on the stitches. After that we're going to put down the pad then loosely wrap it."


"How loose?" Quinn asked after writing down the instructions.


"Loose enough to wiggle but not enough to slide or turn." Danielle demonstrated on a plastic arm.  Helen walked back into the living room and watched the girl showing Quinn how to wrap the different kinds of wounds Daria currently had. : Maybe she was just intimated by Jake or I. She seems to be doing much better with Quinn. :


"Now lets try it on your sister." Danielle said pointing toward the bedroom where Daria was currently resting.


"Now!" Quinn went from calm to near panic in a heartbeat.


"Relax, I'll be right there and I won't let anything happen." Danielle said grabbing a few handfuls of supplies and pushing Quinn gently toward the bedroom. Daria was watching her television and waved as they entered then pressed the power button on the remote, turning her show off. She picked up a pad of paper and quickly wrote something down and held it up for them to read. "What's up?"


Danielle read it and smiled down at her. "We're here to change the bandages on your side, face and arm." Daria wrote something again. "Why's Quinn cleaning her hands?"


"She's going to be changing the wraps. I'll be here to direct her." Danielle said forcefully stopping any argument that Daria might have had next. Quinn took deep breaths as she moved next to the bed. "I'll be careful." Quinn promised as she reached for her sister's arm then started unwrapping it.


It took thirty minutes to finish and Quinn was ghost pale as she followed behind Danielle back into the living room. "You did great. You caught that stitch being stuck to the pad before Daria even felt the pull."


"Isn't it supposed to be getting better?" Quinn said queasily.  "They are. The swelling is almost gone and they're draining correctly. It's going to be messy and gross for another week at least. After that you might see some weeping but nothing like that." Danielle said nicely. She reached up to rub Quinn's shoulder supportively but stopped with her hand hovering just inches away. Quinn noticed the gesture and recognized it for what it was. She was somewhat disappointed when the hand returned to Danielle's side. : Now she's worried I'm going to think everything she does is a come on. : Quinn thought as she started to relax.








Danielle came out of Daria's room a week later. The one job that Daria wasn't comfortable having any of her family do, was the sponge bath that had just finished. Her parents were both out and they had seemed to have forgotten to enroll Quinn at the local High School. She knew it wouldn't last much longer but she was perfectly willing to take advantage for the time being. "Did she turn the hose on you?" Quinn said from the couch.  Danielle looked down and discovered the front of her pants and shirt were soaked. She sighed and answered. "She's still not comfortable with someone seeing her undressed so she's always trying to cover something with her good arm."


"That sounds like her." Quinn smiled. "Do you have a change of clothes?"  Danielle shook her head no. "And I forgot my smock which is why I look like a contestant at a wet t shirt contest."


"It's not see through." Quinn said laughing. She got up and walked into the small laundry room and grabbed a towel. "Here"


"Thanks." Danielle said accepting it and started trying to dry herself. "That's not going to work. If you aren't in a hurry we could toss them in the dryer."


"Trying to get me out of my pants eh." Danielle joked then blushed. "It's fine, but I was thinking you could wear this oh so not sexy robe." Quinn said holding up her mother's full body fuzzy robe.


"You won't mind?" Danielle said taking the robe. "No I won't mind but if you catch pneumonia then I will mind."


Minutes later both of the girls were sitting on the couch, the TV was on but neither was paying any attention to it. "So Daria talked you out of getting plastic surgery. That was nice of her."


"She was always trying to help me but I didn't listen. I still can't believe I fell for the make out scholarship line."


Danielle laughed gently. "That WAS pretty bad."


"Ok you've had me talking and you haven't said anything about yourself." Quinn said reaching out and pushing on the other girl's shoulder.


"I grew up in New Mexico and my family still lives there. Not much more to say."


"What made you want to be a nurse?"


"Actually I want to be a physical therapist. When I was 13, my Dad was working on a truck and the jack slipped. It broke both his legs. After watching that guy help my Dad learn to walk again I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up."  


Quinn nodded slightly. "And the tattoo on your back?" She had spotted the bottom of the tat days before, some kind of animal symbols.


"You saw that huh. I'm supposed to make sure no clients see it. It's Egyptian, my grandmother brought a painting with her when she immigrated to America. I used to love staring up at it. After she passed away I got the tattoo."


"So you're part Egyptian." Quinn said. Danielle just nodded. "I was wondering about your skin tone. I bet you never have any problems coming up with outfits that match it or ones that bring out your eyes." Quinn said enviously.


Danielle blushed and said. "I don't think you have any difficulties finding outfits that make you look fabulous."


The two girls were sitting sideways on the couch just a few feet apart facing each other. Danielle rested the side of her head on the back of the couch while Quinn picked gently at a piece of fuzz on the back of the couch as it got quiet. "So how is Daria doing?" : That's pathetic. : Quinn thought, honestly ashamed of the failure of her social skills.


"Really well." Danielle said. "She's still got a long road ahead of her but I think she'll be ok. Her voice should be back in a few more weeks."


"How long does this normally take?" Quinn asked. Danielle seemed to think for a minute before answering. "Three or four months then she'll be back to her old self."


"That's not what I meant." Quinn said gently before leaning over and kissing Danielle softly.






Quinn accepted the pad from her sister as she changed the bandages almost a full week later. It read simply. "You're fooling around with my nurse????"  Quinn handed back the pad and continued to wrap Daria's side. "Yes." Needing someone to talk to she had broken down and told Daria about the kiss and the one that had occurred since then as well.


A quick fury of writing delayed her from finishing the wrap until Daria pushed the pad back at her. She read it before continuing. "Do Mom and Dad know? Of course not."


Quinn started unwrapping the bandage around her sister's head when she felt a sharp smack on her head. The pad read simply. "Don't chase her off. I don't want Mom or Dad giving me a bath."



Outside of the apartment, Jake Morgendorffer waited outside by the door. Danielle walk down the hall, she tried not to slow her pace when she saw him but she knew something was about to happen.

"Hi Mr. Morgendorffer."


Jake shifted around uncomfortable then sighed. "Hi Danielle, I need to ask for a favor from you. Quinn's been really busy taking care of her sister and I think the stress is taking a toll on her."  Danielle nodded in response and thought. : This is where he tells me to leave her alone and it's all because of the stress and his daughter could never be that way. :


"I've decided to toss her out of the apartment for a few hours tonight and she really doesn't know the city well. ... I was hoping that maybe you could show her around." Jake said.

Danielle felt her head spin at the statement. "Huh."


"She needs a break so I was thinking you two could go out and have a good time."


Danielle's mouth fished open and closed twice but she couldn't come up with anything to say. "Is that a yes?"


She nodded furiously. "Good. Let me know when you're all done and I'll kick her out." Jake said with a smile.  "Ok. But ... ."


"I know, and maybe you could let her know that. It would be nice if one of my daughters didn't think I was completely clueless." Jake said and it was clear in his eyes that he did indeed know what was occurring.


"I know it's not professional to try and date one of my clients ..." Jake held up his hands. "It's ok. I trust my daughter ... and if I can trust YOU with the health of one daughter, I think I can trust you with the heart of the other."