Prolog to Earthfall.




Major Alvin Nor sat at his desk going over the complete manifest of the SDF-3. With the engines disabled and the ship stranded in Tirol orbit they needed to maintain a near perfect control of the ships stores.


A light knocking on his door raised his head from the spreadsheets.


“Enter.” He called.


One of his Corporals entered and was fighting a smirk. The young soldier snapped to attention and saluted, waiting for Nor to return it before falling into a more relaxed stance.


“What can I do for you Corporal Elltein?” Nor asked.


“Sir, I was inspecting storage room 13 to determine the extent of the damage Sir.” Elltein responded.


“And?” Nor waited.


“Sir I found stowaways Sir.” Elltein couldn’t stop the smirk.


“More. Please tell me it’s not anymore celebrities.” Nor groaned thinking of the discovery of Lynn Minmei and her singing partner Jance Em in a maintenance pod after the fold jump.


“Worse.” Elltein answered and turned back to the door and waved to someone outside.


Nor watched as an MP dragged two children into the room. They were both pretty filthy after living in a cargo bay that had been nearly destroyed in the first Invid engagement, the same one that damaged the engines when they first jumped to Tirol space. They couldn’t have been more than 13 and the taller of the two was clearly a Zentraedi.


Both girls stood still in front of him waiting.


“What the hell are you two doing here?” Nor asked as his mind couldn’t process anything else.


“We wanted to see the ship before it left but you jumped before we could sneak back into a shuttle.” The shorter girl answered. She had shoulder length auburn hair and round glasses that were held together with wire and tape.


“I think their Malcontents Sir.” Elltein said trying to look serious but clearly joking.


Nor watched fear run through the taller girl, clearly she had seen what happened to suspected malcontents. He would bet money she had come from one of the American zones and had dealings with the Southern Cross before. An almost invisible green tint in her black hair along with her features reminded him of Captain Sterling’s wife Miriya, both of the famed skull squadron.


“Please don’t send her to one of the camps.” The shorter girl pleaded grabbing hold of her friend.


“This is the REF, we don’t have camps.” Nor growled. :Damn you to hell Leonard.:


“What are you going to do to us?” The Zentraedi asked respectfully.


“This is a combat ship that is stranded in hostile territory. Welcome to the Robotech Armed forces, you’ve just been drafted.” Nor sighed.


Both girls straightened up looking surprised but not as much as the MP and Elltein.


“Sir.” Elltein stumbled.


“Get them checked out by the medics and then get them in uniform then start them on a work detail. I understand they’re going to go through the noncom staff and see who has potential. Let’s make sure these two are on the duty roster and get evaluated.” Nor ordered.


“But they’re kids.” Elltein replied.


“Not anymore.” Nor said and his tone ended the conversation. “What are your names?” He asked the girls.


Daria Maria Morgendorffer.” The shorter girl answered at once.


“Jane Parino Lane.” The taller followed suit.


“A Parino huh that explains that. Ok follow orders and things should go well. Any questions?” Nor said understanding the resemblance now, her mother must have been of the same clone batch.


“Can I send word to my mother and little sister? Tell them I’m ok.” Daria asked.


“Our deep space transmitter was destroyed in the attack.” He answered. “What about your father?” Nor asked.


“He died during a malcontent attack, he was a civil defense destroid pilot.” Daria answered proudly.


“I don’t have any family.” Jane said weakly.


“They rounded up her family and took them to the camps. I hid Jane.” Daria admitted.


“We don’t do that here. We also have a large Zentraedi contingent on this ship and on Tirol and Fantoma.” Nor said. “Get them taken care of.”  He said to Elltein.


“Yes Sir.” Elltein replied and waved for the girls to follow him.


He watched the two young girls go and sighed as he changed the personal numbers to account for them.