Fashion Support




"Well if you can't understand how that outfit is unfashionable then I suggest you go downstairs and think about." Sandi Griffin said harshly to Stacy who sat looking horrified at the thought of banishment out of Quinn's room.


"But Sandi all the boys were staring at me at the mall when I tried it on." Stacy tried to defend the flannel top.


"It is really spicy." Quinn said in a nice way and Stacy wanted to hug her.


"Well spicy is one thing, wearing something a farmer wears is another so go." Sandi said pointing to the door.


Tiffany seemed to be unaware of what was occurring and Quinn looked at her sweetly and Stacy knew that if she refused to go Quinn would back her up but then both of them would have to face Sandi's wrath.

Stacy stood up and walked to the door and Sandi had to throw another barb at her.


"Come back in 15 minutes to let me know wither you decided that top is unfashionable yet."

She heard Quinn make a comment in her defense to Sandi and Sandi responding by tearing into Quinn's nail polish.


Stacy leaned against the hallway and felt her breathe start to catch and come up short. She couldn't stop the tears from coming as she tried to catch her breath.


She didn't see Daria, Quinn sister come up the stairs until she was standing face to face with her.


"Another emotional filled fashion meeting, did Sandi decide that they were going to start testing cosmetics on you to save the little bunnies." Daria said with a smirk.


Stacy started to cry harder as she continued to try to get her lungs to fill.


"Damn I knew I should have stayed at Jane's till dinner time. Come here." Daria said pulling the sobbing girl into her room and holding out one of the soda's she had brought up stairs for another shut in evening avoiding her parents.

Stacy took the soda and sipped it as the tears slowed and Daria handed her a box of tissues.


"Now what did the dragon Griffin say today, is your hair to shinny or was it that smile you have or the fact that you manage to pass all of your classes every year." Daria said nicely trying to cheer the girl up quickly to allow her to finally return to her normally scheduled activities.

"Sandi said my top makes me look like a farmer and it was so unfashionable I shouldn't be allowed to dress myself." Stacy said and the tears started flowing again.


"And what did my sis. cousin say?" Daria sighed.


"She said it was cute and then later spicy." Stacy said. "I know you're Quinn's sister." She added at a whisper.


"So do I." Daria whispered back looking left and right pretending to check to see if the coast was clear before speaking.

Stacy giggled and sighed cleaning up her makeup with a tissue.


"What do you think of my top?" Stacy asked softly.


Daria looked at the fashion elite who always seemed to be the kick post of the other three and sighed knowing the girl needed some form of positive reinforcement.

She looked at the top and saw it was a flannel shirt that was cut and buttoned to show off a rather firm stomach and unbuttoned at top to allow some cleavage to show and Daria found herself staring.


"Um it's cute. And spicy." Daria sighed looking for something to say.


"Come on Daria tell me what you think, please." Stacy pleaded.


"I like it, I think you look really good in it but the pig tails have to go though when you’re wearing it." Daria said and quickly looked down.


"Really, thank you and maybe the hair was to much. Thank you so much." Stacy said and hugged Daria with enough momentum to knock her flat on her bed with Stacy on top of her giggling.


"Sorry I guess you weren't expecting a hug." Stacy said between giggles above Daria.

Daria looked up at Stacy smiling down at her and before she realized what she was doing she raised her head and kissed her gently on the lips.

Stacy didn't pull away and returned the kiss for several seconds before both pulled away and stared at each other looking shocked.


"Oh my god." Daria said.


"I didn't mean to." Stacy said.


"Calm down it doesn't mean anything, I'm sure my heart beats this loudly all the time." Daria said more to herself than Stacy.


Stacy suddenly leaned over and kissed her and Daria found herself reaching up and cupping the side of Stacy's head.

They broke apart after several moments and stared at each other.


"I think that means something." Daria said still looking and feeling shocked.


"I never ... before ... maybe we should ... again." Stacy said and leaned forward and they started to kiss again.


Quinn walked back up the stairs feeling terrible that Stacy had clearly left and went home but she couldn't blame her after the way Sandi had treated her and Quinn had just sat there and let it happen in her own house. :God I am such a wimp. Stacy is supposed to be my friend and I let Sandi chase her out. She even forgot her shoes, maybe Daria can have Jane come over in her brother's car and drive me over to take them to her and tell her I'm sorry.:


She was coming back up the stairs when she heard a strange noise coming from her sister's room and then the sound of something being knocked over and falling to the floor moved her to the door. She slowly opened the door and peeked her head in side to check to see if everything was OK and she froze. Stacy and Daria together on the bed, making noise under blankets and lots of skin, shocking Quinn so she pulled her head back and gently closed the door not noticing it didn't latch.


She returned to her room and sat down on her bed not noticing Sandi and Tiffany staring at her.


"Well is Stacy ready to concede that her outfit is horrible." Sandi said sounding angry.


"Um, I think Stacy went home to change and I think you two need to leave before my Aunt gets here." Quinn said looking really confused.


"What are you throwing us out?" Sandi said looking offended.


"No of course not Sandi and if you want to stay and meet my Aunt Amy who acts just like Daria and wants to show a slide show of African tribal pottery then please feel free to stay." Quinn lied.

"In that case I see your just trying to protect us and I thank you." Sandi said looking bored.


"It sounds like school." Tiffany said as she checked her dress after sitting in it.


"Just like school only longer and she doesn't let us go to the bathroom." Quinn had to fight a smile with that line.


She walked the two girls past her sister's room and was sure she would get them out when a moan brought them all to a complete stop.


"That sounds like someone is having more fun than we are having." Sandi said looking interested.

"Oh Sandi, that’s Daria's room I'm sure nothing like that could be happening in there." Quinn dismissed.

The moans seem to take form and Daria's voice could be heard urging someone for more.


"I think she has a boy in there." Tiffany said pointing at the door.


"Don't be silly, you've seen Daria." Quinn tried and more moans came from the room.


"I think we need to give her a little shock." Sandi said with an evil grin and pushed on the door. It swung open before Quinn could stop it.


The three girls just stared at the sight in front of them. Tiffany turned white and crumbled to the floor and Sandi screamed.


Daria and Stacy stopped and untangled their bodies from each other and turned toward the door and Stacy let out a small "Eep."


"Stop that right now, you are both girls." Sandi demanded.


"I happen to be quite aware of both my sex and Stacy's." Daria said looking somewhat smug.


"You killed Tiffany is that what you wanted to do, Stacy." Sandi said turning to Stacy.


"She's not dead, she just passed out." Quinn said trying not to laugh.


"You are out of the fashion club Stacy Rowe and I should have never let you in and you will rue the day you decided to cross me." Sandi started a tirade.


Daria yawned and pulled Stacy to her and kissed her gently which shut Sandi up in a hurry.

"Look Sandi either shut up and close my door or shut up and get out of my house." Daria said once the kiss was done.


"Who do you think you talking to you loser." Sandi barked at Daria taking several steps forward.


"Leave her alone." Stacy said still trying to hold up a sheet to cover her bare form.


"What protecting your lover, did you grow a pair sometime in the last half hour and it gave you a backbone and made you like girls." Sandi spit out at her.


Stacy looked at Daria and then poked her head under the sheet and then back out. "No still a girl. ... Want to see or join in." Stacy said ending in an eyebrow raised offer which sent Sandi out of the room and out the front door.

Quinn sighed and looked at her sister and Stacy who were now cuddling and looking over at her nervously.


"All right you have an hour but then we need to talk and set some ground rules." Quinn said as she dragged Tiffany out into the hall closing the door behind her, making sure it latched this time. She made it to the living room before she started laughing.


"And I'm telling Jane." Quinn yelled through the floor shortly before the moans started again.