Could Have Been.




She pulled her car away from her parent’s house without looking at the two sorrowful faces watching her out the window. She doubted that she would be seeing either of them for a long time. They couldn’t let go of the past enough to see the possibility of a future and that’s all that mattered to her.


The drive to the airport and subsequent flight took a total of eight hours but as she slid the key into the lock of her modest home, the wear of travel dropped away. He was sleeping on the couch like always but it didn’t matter to much. Her girls were well behaved and knew not to take advantage of their father figure to much.


:She’s been painting again.: Quinn Morgendorffer thought with a smile as she caught sight of the poorly scrubbed wall. :He does watch them enough to keep them from destroying the place at least.:  The cries of excitement started before she could even finish taking off her shoes.


“MOMMY!” Both little girls said ignoring the fact it was an hour past their bed time. She didn’t have the heart to be cross with them, even a single day away ripped her hearts into painful pieces. She collected both and rained kisses down on them.


“Mommmmmmy.” Her brunette said trying to squirm away, not trying enough to actually get away but just enough to keep up her standoffish reputation. Her raven haired girl just smiled and began to show off today’s masterpieces. Quinn sighed as at least three of them featured a sleeping form.


“Hey you’re back.” The mentioned form said groggily.


“Yes, any troubles?”


“She painted the walls and this little troublemaker called the neighbor a lump of foul deformity.” He said scooping up the little girl.




“They were playing in the backyard and he decided to mow his grass right next to the fence.” He started only to be interrupted.


“Bo-Boo.” The raven haired girl said showing her bandaged knee to her mother.


“He hit a branch and sent a bunch of pieces flying at the girls. Janey got hit and you can guess how Daria took it.”


“Hell hath no fury like a righteous Daria.” Quinn said with a sigh. The brunette merely sat there smiling at the discussion of her actions.


“The lab called again. They said they’ve been over the numbers a hundred times. There isn’t any way to reverse what happened. Any luck with your parents?”


“No, we just can’t face it right now. Same thing they’ve said every time before. Here have some more money.” Quinn shaking her head in disappointment.


“Don’t mean to sound callous but the money does come in handy.” Trent Lane said stretching as the two children seemed to be plotting something silently.


“Mommy’s feet tired.” Daria said jumping down from Trent’s lap as Jane did the same from Quinn’s. Together they lifted Quinn’s feet up and onto Trent’s lap. “Daddy rub.” Jane said with a demanding tone that only 5 year olds can generate.


Trent laugh as Quinn shook her head with a slight laughter then hit him with her best puppy dog eyes.

“You three.” He said as his hands went to work.


“Daria needs more books; she’s read everything in the house.” Trent said while he rubbed.


“This week’s check should be here tomorrow so we’ll head to the book store. I’m sure Jane is out of at least one color of paint by now.”


“Blue, … and green.” Her artistic angel said from where the two little girls sat in between their parents.


:They remember things sometimes and maybe they’ll remember who they  are one day.: Quinn thought smiling at her children. :I didn’t believe it when the school called. An accident in the science lab your sister was interning in, talk about an understatement. But they’re both still healthy and the doctors say they’re aging normally now. Daria seems so happy having a sister her own age or maybe just one that isn’t being spoiled rotten.:


Quinn’s thoughts were interrupted as her daughter crawled into her lap then curled up against her. Daria nestled against her and Jane followed both pushing and pulling until each had some of her lap. :At least I didn’t have to breast feed them.: Quinn thought with love.


“I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go out this weekend.” Trent said as he continued to massage her feet expertly.


“The girls would love to get for a bit.” Quinn said at once, looking down at her now sleeping angels.


“I was thinking maybe just you and me.” Trent said shyly.


Quinn looked at him and smiled, their choices were somewhat limited by the unusual situation since neither was willing to walk away from the two children. “I think that would be nice.”



I was going through some stories and found this little blip. This was something I wanted to take a look at but abandoned cruelly. The story was then going to jump forward about 10 years and deal with Daria and Jane going back to high school.  I still like the idea but it just doesn’t have a place in my lineup at the moment.